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Two U District Micro-Housing Buildings Up For Review

Calhoun Properties and Ecco Design will present their plans for two seven-story residential buildings at 4520 and 4524 7th Avenue NE in University District to the design review board this evening for early guidance. According to design materials, the project is referred to as "congregate residences," which is a fancy way of saying micro-housing, and each building will include 58 units. Communal space will include a kitchen/lounge on the second floor and multiple shared outdoor spaces. There is no parking planned for the complex. No word on the size of units but those in other Calhoun properties range from 170 - 300 square feet. Calhoun owns the aPodment trademark and has seventeen other micro-housing buildings across Seattle already.

· 4524 7th Ave NE [DPD]
· 4520 7th Ave NE [DPD]