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Fish or Hunt in Your Tiny $109K Wood Cabin in Concrete

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The address may say Concrete, but this 556 square foot tiny cabin is a major remodel in wood, and antlers. The Before photos would make an interesting comparison, but the After shots are of high-end woodwork on the walls and ceiling, with a tile floor, and a dressed masonry chimney. It is a surprising package for $109,000. There may only be 1 bedroom and a 3/4 bath; but if you're hunting for a place to hunt from (check those antlers), fishing for a place within walking distance of steelhead, or maybe you just want to get away from everything with a stack of books and a pile of firewood. About that firewood, check out the saws on the walls. If any of them are functional, they may be worth a noticeable fraction of the house price, or are at least a quieter way of clearing trees that fell during storms. With a half acre, there's a good chance firewood will be delivering itself during some strong gust. They proudly claim it is only a two hour drive to the dry side of the mountains, but that's only true half the year; the winter drive is more like five and a half. Downtown Seattle is only two hours away, traffic permitting, which is a bit long for a commute. Six months ago, the cabin was listed at $140,000; so, a buyer is already getting a bargain.

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Written by Tom Trimbath