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$1.2M Monroe Log Lodge Good For Humans & Animals Alike

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Oh, give me a home where the llamas can roam... Doesn't anyone keep cattle or buffalo? Oh well, the llamas like this ranch, too. A 27 acre property in Monroe is already fenced for 14 pastures and 9 barns, and has 4 ponds. That's enough room plenty of types of livestock plus a bunch of waterfowl. You'll have to provide the mammals. The birds will probably fly in on their own. It is a $1,200,000 property that the animals can appreciate; with a house for the humans, too. The people get to populate a 5 bedroom, 5 bath log house that was built in 2006. At 4,874 square feet it is more of a log lodge than a log cabin. The two story river rock fireplace has a necklace of artistic live-edge branches, a polished trunk rising beside it, and a staircase wrapping itself around it. As an added touch, that might actually be a water feature cascading down between the hearth and the handrail. A polished rustic appeal. The house's mix of country and modern are obvious in the kitchen. In the kitchen island, a conventional, yet high-end, double range with an overhead hood. If, er, when the power goes out, there's an impressive backup. Against the kitchen wall, an old-style cast-iron wood oven and stove on a proper flagstone pad and vented through a traditional stove pipe to the outside. With that much room for people and animals, it is natural that there's a caretaker's place and a couple of shops. That may be the ultimate luxury, owning such a property and then getting someone else to take care of it while you enjoy the view.

· 10320 227th Ave SE, Monroe [Zillow]
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Written by Tom Trimbath