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$14.9M Arlington Estate is Basically a Billionaire's Playground

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Meet Caledon. She's a 314-acre estate out in Arlington in Snohomish County and if the green spaces and Cascade Mountain framing didn't make it clear, this is the kind of sprawling estate tucked away where everything your leisurely-heart desires is ready and waiting. Just some of the many amenities included with your $14.9M purchase include and 18-hole private golf course, Le-Mans style go-kart track (karts included), and two-mile long, quarter-scale railway with fully-operational steam and diesel locomotives. Basically, if there's a 14-year-old multi-millionaire out there, this is their dream residence. It probably suffices for adults as well thanks to the 11,278 sq. ft. main lodge that includes it's very own tavern, seven thematic bedrooms, full ice cream parlor, and a ballroom dance area. Need to make a quick getaway (or arrival)? There's a helicopter hangar for your bird. A caretaker's residence gives your caretaker a place to live while you're away (which means you'll have to hire a caretaker). We suppose you could buy Caledon and then rent it out as a retreat for others, but where's the fun in that? If you're gonna buy a house with a working railroad and go-karts, you might as well drive them yourself (or hire someone to drive them for you).

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