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Buy The $3.1M Clyde Hill Mansion That Molbak's Built

The Molbak family built a flower empire on the Eastside and now their Clyde Hill home is on the market.

Egon Molbak moved to the Woodinville in 1956 from Denmark and bought a small flower nursery. Fifty years later, that nursery was said to attract one million visitors a year. Molbak's Garden & Home and Molbak’s Poinsettia Festival are now Eastside institutions. The family did a lot for the local community but also did pretty well themselves, buying a 5,110 sqaure-foot mansion in Clyde Hill in 1988. That 4-BR residence just came on the market and now the house that all those pointsettia's built can be yours for $3.088 million.

As you probably guessed, the 19,259 square-foot property is full of lush vegetation and flowers that surround the house. Supoose if you're going to be garden experts, you better have a nice garden too. Inside, the place is white and light with marble walls, big windows and skylights. The listing encourages you to bring an architect with you to consider a remodel as it's probably about that time. If you can afford to buy the place and put in some work to it, the grounds are set up for some pretty spectacular living.
· 1810 91st Place NE, Clyde Hill [Estately]
· Molbak’s at 50: a tale of perseverance, poinsettias [ST]