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Queen Anne Moves Into Day Two of ChickenWatch 2016

A chicken is loose in a tree in Queen Anne. EVERYONE FREAK OUT!!!

Sure there's a lot of drama going on in Seattle right now but there's some really, really important happening in Queen Anne.

It all started Wednesday when Seahawks206 posted the following to Reddit Seattle:

Found a chicken in queen Anne not sure what to do

pretty straight forward, I found a chicken wandering queen anne and not sure what to do

Who's chicken is it? Where did the chicken come from? How many people have made a dumb "chicken crossing the road" joke? So many questions, not enough answers.

160 comments later, the good people of Seattle sprang into action. One person made a flyer. Another person started hanging that flyer up. Then, the chicken made a run for it and ended up in a tree.

Thursday, the chicken is still in the God damn tree.

Chicken is still in tree. I'm going to try and be proactive and find this ruthless bastard a home. God help whoever takes this minion in. If anyone would like to adopt said chicken, it is in a plum tree on Ward st between 6th and Aurora.

As of right now, the chicken remains perched high above (well, slightly high above) Queen Anne. We'll have to wait and see what comes home to roost.
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