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Tiny $199K Capitol Hill Condo Big Enough For You & Your Bike

The essentials can fit; but they might take new shapes and forms.

Seattle is getting denser, not mentally, but physically. As the living spaces shrink, the essentials can fit; but they might take new shapes and forms, even in old buildings.

A 1907 has been dramatically remodeled and is now providing condos for $199,000 (plus $240/month). One of the ways to get the price down: making it only 369 square feet. One of the ways to make a tiny space is to shrink the bedroom down to zero by putting the bed on a very wide shelf, putting the 'media center' on a shelf beside the bed, and taking the bathroom down to a shower room, aka a three-quarter bath. All of that can be done methodically, but to do it in a way looks good takes effort. The remodel and the resident's touches made that happen. Lots of shelving helps. Hook and hangars for kitchenware and a bicycle reduces the need for cabinetry and floor space. An extended counter becomes a room divider and dining table. Ceiling lights help keep the floor clear, too. Curtains that close off the bed produce a tent cocoon, or at least a place to hide clutter when guests arrive. The great enabler is living on Capitol Hill, where almost everything is a walk away.
· 630 13 Ave E Unit 14 [Estately]