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ChickenWatch Day Three Ends But The Chicken Remains in Queen Anne

The Chicken of Ward Street refuses to leave. And so we must stay vigilant.

Yesterday we alerted you to the breaking news that there was a chicken loose in Queen Anne and that it had found a perch in a tree on the north side of Ward Street between 6th and Aurora Avenues. After two days of chicken-related activity, Reddit user Seahawk206 returned to let us know that ChickenWatch remains ongoing as the chicken refuses to leave it's new habitat.

We have us a rogue chicken people. I know a guy who knows a guy with a rooster costume so I might have to go undercover to see what this chicken is all about. This is urgent though, I'm pretty sure he starting tagging gang signs on the wall hoping to stake claim to the block. Let's come together as a community and get this damn chicken a home!

Hopefully someone can come claim the chicken, who may be a rooster, which is also a chicken, so let's not have that argument. Until then, be warned that any trip to the area will be met with chicken-y force.
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