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Macklemore & More People Than Usual in Capitol Hill Tonight

If you like Macklemore, you'll probably be in Capitol Hill tonight. If you don't like Macklemore, avoid Capitol Hill at all costs.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis announced earlier this week that they were going to play a surprise show at Neumos to celebrate the realese of their new album, "This Unruly Mess I've Made."

The deal is that the first 500 people in line get in for free. As you might imagine, given the local love for the duo, that line started very early in the morning (Mack himself even showed up at one point to check out the line).

That also means things are going to be a bit nutty with fans and media swarning Neumos tonight, so if you don't need to be in the Pike/Pine region this evening and you're not a big Mack fan, your best bet is to steer clear.

Macklemore has already proven he can attract a crowd to the area. His music video shoot at Dick's Drive-In a couple years back brought out the masses.

It's a homecoming for Macklemore, a.k.a. Ben Haggerty, in the sense that he's from Seattle but it's literally a homecoming in the sense that he now lives in Capitol Hill, within walking distance of Dick's because you've gotta keep your priorities in check.
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