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Swedish Medical Center Wants to Create a First Hill Walking Loop

Swedish wants to create a loop around First Hill as part of their big expansion project.

Swedish Medical Center has a couple things it wants from Seattle. As part of it's big development in First Hill, it would like the city the vacate an alley and allow it to build a skybridge that would connect its two new towers around Marion Street and Minor Avenue.

In order to get something, you have to give something. Swedish's offer? A walking loop called First Hill Mile (per DJC).

The loop would be on sidewalks along University and James streets, Boylston and Minor avenues, and Broadway.

Curb bulbs would be installed to make the route safer. Trees would also be added as well as markers telling people where they are on the loop.

But that's not all. Swedish is also willing to contribute $500,000 to revitalize First Hill Park, providing open spaces around its new campus, house bike share stations, and pay for at least one but potentially two pedestrian traffic signals nearby.

Swedish plans to replace its current North Tower with a new 17-story structure that will include emergency department, dining facility, critical care units, surgical suites, and patient rooms.They also want to build a new tower called Block 95 which will be home to medical offices and support functions. The skybridge would connect the two buildings over an alleyway underneath.
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