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Queen Anne ChickenWatch 2016 Comes to a Happy Conclusion

Our short, hyper-local nightmare is finally over.

Last week, Queen Anne was rocked by the revelation that there was a chicken loose on Ward Street. Rather than return to it's home or find a new human to cohabitate with, the chicken decided to take up residence in a tree. And continued to do so for two more days.

On Saturday, Reddit user Seahawk206 finally shared some good news.

Last night a group of redditors came together for a bold, brazen and high stakes rescue mission of the utmost importance. I'll start at the beginning. After 3 days of CHICKEN WATCH 2016 I had begun to give up hope. A candlelight vigil had been set up for the chicken, affectionately named Aurora. Just when things seemed lost, /u/imasinger came through with a ray of hope. A rescue party was en route! At this point /u/herrerz arrived armed with a step ladder, ready for whatever trials we might face. We set up food and refreshments for Aurora, without the knowledge of what exactly these creatures consume, and set in for the long haul waiting for the the rescue party to arrive. More redditors begin to show up, ready for the climax of this dramatic tale of hope and survival. Finally! The rescue party arrives ready to do battle with this minion of darkness. No reason to stand on ceremony, these heroes ditched the step ladder and went straight onto the car. During a battle for the ages, one that will be written in stone for all future generations to admire and behold, the ferocious feathered fiend was subdued. My friends I can say with certainty, the ancient gods of lore looked down upon these warriors with envy, for only the most strong willed could have defeated such a powerful foe. Aurora was now in the safe hands of her rescuers. She had lost quite a bit of weight but was otherwise healthy. She was now en route to her new home in Maple Valley. I was sent this picture of Aurora at her new home today, looking as happy as a chicken can be. Thank you to all who helped and gave support. With that I can finally say, damnit Reddit we did it.

That is an extremely wordy way of saying the chicken (dubbed "Aurora") has not only been rescued but has a new home in Maple Valley.

Rest easy, Seattle. Your chickens are a little bit safer this week than they were last.
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