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A $470K Tiny Home That is Cute or Practical or Economical

If you like tiny houses is it because they are cute, practical, or economical? With this 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 762 square foot house in Sunset Hill you might get all three. Start with the white picket fence, a style that's better known for looks than for keeping dogs in or rabbits out. It fits the house, though, because it is a 1906 cottage. It's easy to imagine Norman Rockwell setting up an easel and starting to paint it. Tiny houses are practical because there isn't much room for rarely used rooms. If you buy it, you use it; not like MacMansions that may include formal areas that collect more dust than stories. Then, this particular tiny is economical - or at least has financial options. The listing suggests that the detached garage could be turned into an ADU. The debate over whether $469,990 is economical is improved with the possibility of rental income. Of course, some tiny house advocates would consider anything over 200 square feet to be enormous. Maybe you can find room for yet another tiny somewhere else on the 5,009 square foot lot.

· 2828 NW 66th St [Zillow]
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Written by Tom Trimbath