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Capitol Hill Station Development Deal Close to Being Finalized

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Image: Gerding Edlen

We know already that the 3.1-mile U-Link subway line that runs from UW to downtown via Capitol Hill is set to open March 19. The real question remaining is if and when the massive 100,000 square-foot development planned for the surrounding Capitol Hill Station area will be built. CHS spoke with a representative for developer Gerding Edlen who says they are "really close" to finalizing a deal with Sound Transit to create a huge "transit oriented development" that will include housing, commercial, and community projects surrounding a pedestrian plaza.

Plans call for residential aspect of the project call for 418 apartments with 38 percent of units available at below market rates for 12 years while 86 units are designated for permanent affordable housing status. A retail "bazaar" fits with the community's desire to see smaller storefronts and independent sellers. There will be larger retailers, however, possibly including Portland-based New Seasons Market who is already facing opposition over it's hiring practices. Gerding admits they're in talks but says nothing is official and anchor tenants won't be announced until after the design process begins.

Also included within the development will be a community center, subsidized rate daycare and space for the Broadway Farmer's Market to continue at. Plenty more details sure to come once the deal is finalized and the developer has worked closer with the community to determine that everyone is happy (or happy-ish) with the plans. Keep an eye on Capitol Hill Seattle for updates.
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