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Big Reveal: $1.15M For This Renovated Capitol Hill 4-BR

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the asking price for this 4-BR, 3-bath Capitol Hill home originally-built in 1902. Commenter degaussing guessed $1.1M, which is pretty spot on considering the actual asking price is $1.15M. Originally-built in 1902, this place got $250K worth of renovations in 2009 that still hold up. Some of the upgrades include a brand-new master bathroom with walk-in closet, remodeled kitchen with new appliances and a new two-car garage out back. Plus the now-finished basement includes two bedrooms, office, media room and bathroom. The place is even earthquake retrofitted, making it the envy of all those other 1902-built homes out there. The house is listed through Faira, which allows you to see an ongoing offer history on the house. As of this writing, they've officially gotten an offer above asking price ($1.17M), which should probably be no surprise.

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