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Bremerton is Coming For Your Young Professionals, Seattle

Seattle's tech boom isn't just good news for the city but also for the surrounding region. More tech workers means more good wage earners and their families buying property and distributing that wealth around. With skyrocketing housing prices and rising rents pushing people out of Seattle, more cities are trying to catch the attention of would-be residents looking for an affordable place to live close by. A new entrant has officially threw their name in the hat this week with the release of a video featuring Mayor Patty Lent, who "would like young professionals and young families to move to Bremerton." The Kitsap County city is not only "building between 400 and 500 new apartments, townhouses, and condominiums" but they are "twice the size of the pod apartments in Seattle...and they're half the price." BURN.

To really stick the dagger in, she adds, "each one has a parking place." Take that, Belltown.

Lent also touts the Bremerton housing market as one full of residences that are "sturdy" fixer-uppers, good for young families. Perhaps the strongest claim of all is the commuting one, as a 60-minute ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle is "much more relaxing, much more fun" than commuting on I-5. Fair enough.

So that all paints a nice picture but, you know, Mayor Lent might be a little biased. So we decided to take a look around and see what's available if you really did want to consider making a move.

Perusing the residences on the market, it's clear she wasn't lying about the price differences. The most expensive place currently for sale in town is a 2,762 square-foot 3-BR asking $699K.

Though the decor definitely speaks to an older crowd, we liked this 4-BR condo asking $379K on the luxury end. According to the listing the first year of HOA dues is paid for, so that's a nice bonus. That view out the back is great and we don't even want to know how much a 2,460 square-foot condo would run you in Seattle right now.

Speaking of 4-BRs, there's this 1,916 square-foot house located right on the water. It feels like a quintessential waterfront home with the wood built-ins and rustic back deck. It's situated on a huge lot and also comes with a detached three-car garage. It's asking $349K and would probably run you closer to $500K+ in Ballard or Leschi.

We looked around for a residence that was a good mix of affordability and family appeal and we think we found it with this 3-BR home asking $235K. The front lawn with it's massive tree and the fenced-in backyard are great for the kids. Inside it's a blank slate ready for whoever buys it to remake it in their own image.

You've heard the sales pitch. You've seen what's available. So, are you ready to become a Bremertonian or what?
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