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3rd Avenue Building Trading Stuff Storage for People Storage

Image: Third Place Design

Right now at 1915 Third Avenue you'll find a six-floor building that's home to Belltown Self Storage. New plans submitted to the city call for the addition of eight more floors above as it transitions into a hotel that also includes some private residences. Ariel Development and Urban Self Storage are working together to redevelop the building, which will ultimately include 112 hotel rooms (operated by Cambria Hotels & Suites), 50 apartments and a first-floor restaurant. The hotel would take up the existing structure as well as some of the new space while the apartments will all be included in the addition. The terra cotta facade of the building, which dates back to the 1920's, will be preserved. Poppi S. Handy of Third Place Design Co-operative is the architect on the project and plans will go before the design review board on February 16. We'd like to think they'd keep the name "Belltown Self Storage" for when it's a hotel because, when you think about it, it still works. But, probably not.
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