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Ballard's 1-BR "Lighthouse" Available to Rent for $2,800/Month

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They say apartment rentals in Ballard are sky high. So if that's true, you might as well rent a place that's actually up there in the sky. Located on Seaview Avenue, directly across the street from Ray's Boathouse, you'll notice a very skinny, very blue building that does in fact look a bit like a lighthouse. It's not actually, at least as far as we can tell, but who's gonna stop them from saying it's "the only lighthouse in Ballard?" The 1,200 square-foot, one-bedroom building is available now to rent for $2,800/month. That's a pricy rental for one person but perhaps if you can find a way to buddy up, $1,400/person is actually right on target with median rents these days. That's what two previous tenants apparently did and you can check out some interior photos in this blog post about the quirky abode. The winding, steel stairs might be worth the price of admission alone but the character of the place seems to ooze the kind of old-world Ballard that everyone's bemoaning the loss of. According to the listing, it's been recently remodeled with new hardwood floors, granite counters, dishwasher and trash disposal, so it's not all that old world. Also comes furnished and with a private backyard. So, are you ready to become the Ballard lighthouse keeper?

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