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Buy in to The Tiny Tao of Lake Union For $235K

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Two trends in one! Tiny houses are trendy. Houseboats are always in style. The TAO, a 1987 260 square foot houseboat is on the market and on and in Lake Union for $235,000 (plus $357/month). Add in the colorful paint job, the scalloped siding, the all-wood interior, and the great location and it may not be on the market long. Ah, but the size also means subtracting a few things like only having two burners (but that's enough, right?), a shower but not bathtub (but who takes baths, anymore?), and a refrigerator that's only half-height and many will walk (or sail) on by. Subtract right and turn a negative into a positive and celebrate the lack of a lawn to mow, a lot less house to clean, a lot less volume to heat, and the knowledge that if you can't find your keys they must be either very close (or sunk and out of reach).

· 2143 N Northlake Wy Unit 19 [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath