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Seattle's Hottest Real Estate Neighborhood is Ravenna, Duh

Ravenna. Whether it's about holiday light displays, quality of life, or housing markets, Ravenna is always near or at the top of the Seattle neighborhood list. Estately recently decided to crunch some numbers to figure out which neighborhoods were Seattle's hottest and coldest (relatively-speaking) in terms of home-buying. When the dust cleared, wouldn't you know it but Ravenna was right there at the top of the list.

So first things first, how did they arrive at these numbers? How do they come to the conclusion that Ravenna, Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, Ballard, and Green Lake are the hottest markets around? It all came down to three variables: Percentage of homes that sold in under eight days, percentage of homes that sold above asking price, and percentage difference between sold price and list price. Given what we've know about bidding war locations, it makes a lot of sense to see these neighborhoods show up.

As for the coldest neighborhoods, they come with a strong caveat. Madison Park, Eastlake, Leschi, South Lake Union, and First Hill might come in at the bottom of this list, but they're hardly ice-cold in reality. Most of these neighborhoods feature luxury real estate is often overpriced as well as condos that don't sell as quickly as single-family homes. Don't go into any of these neighborhoods expecting to find easy deals.

Estately also has an interactive map where you can look around and see where all the hot and cold neighborhoods are. According to that, at least, most of the action is taking place in North Seattle. You know, where Ravenna is.
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