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What's Available in Ravenna, Seattle's Hottest Neighborhood

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Oh Ravenna, you think you're soooo cool, don't you? You were Seattle's hottest real estate neighborhood in 2014 and you're Seattle's hottest real estate neighborhood in 2016. You're just full so full of yourself, aren't you? Well, we decided to follow up on the news that Ravenna is such a home-buying hot spot and see what you actually can try to buy there if you're up to the challenge.

You better hurry if you want to get into Ravenna at $399K. The 2-BR, 1.75-bath at 6853 25th Avenue NE hit the market four days ago and we're going to assume it won't last too much longer. This 1929 Craftsman is a fixer-upper but at 970 square-feet that's a manageable job for a first-time buyer or investor. 5,100 square-foot lot including a fenced backyard, detached garage, and big patio. If this investment opportunity isn't pending a week from now we'll be shocked.

From here, pickins get slim and prices start climbing quickly. Sage Homes Northwest recently completed a six-townhome complex for work/live lifestyles and two of the units are on the market. There's the 1-BR at 7327 35th Avenue NE asking $514K. Then there's the 3-BR at 7323 35th Avenue NE asking $679K. Both offer very bright, very sleek interiors. Wood accents inside and out give them that Pacific Northwest vibe but they're throughly modern through and through.

Now we're getting into the kind of prices that'll take most of us out of the running. The 4-BR at 6211 21st Avenue NE listed a day ago for $850K and we suspect it won't remain on the market for very long. Built in 1923, it's been well taken care of and seems like a great mixture of classic features and renovated style. The kitchen is updated without turning into a room out of place with the rest of the Craftsman. Walkability "off the charts" according to the broker babble. We want to see those charts!

After that, the only available properties on the open market are yet-to-be-built residences that will run you $1.35M or $1.89M and that's a whole other discussion. So, yeah, not very much available in Seattle's hottest neighborhood. And we wouldn't be surprised if most if not all of these places are gone by the time we check back.
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