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Seattle Is a So-So City For Women Working in Tech

Women make up twenty percent of the tech employees in Seattle.

Tech workers are flourishing in Seattle, gobbling up jobs, renting out apartments, and buying up real estate. But are all Seattle tech workers create equal? Not so, according to a report produced by SmartAsset. Taking census data from 2014 and cross-referencing women with "computer and mathematical occupations" against gender pay gaps, income after housing costs and employment growth, they determined the best and worst major cities for women in the industry.

From there they figured out that Washington D.C. is the best city in America for women working in technology. Meanwhile, of the 58 cities with tech forces large enough to analyze, Seattle came in 39th.

Seattle's gender pay gap was 80.4 percent as women in tech have an income after housing cost of $57K. That's on the higher end of what women make on average in the industry but, you know... Women make up only 20 percent of the tech employees in the Seattle area, which is under the 26.5 percent average.

The study also found that at Amazon, only eleven percent of the tech jobs are performed by women. Microsoft is only slightly better at 16.9 percent.

If you want some "good" news, it's that Seattle is miles ahead of Portland, which came in dead last in the study.
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