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Five West Seattle Houses Worth Considering For $600K Or Less

We took a look around West Seattle to find some good deals in an affordable range. Here's what we got.


It's so new it shines. New construction on an old lot has produced a pair of townhouses, one of which is for sale at $478,500. It is a 3 story townhouse with 1 bedroom and 4 bathrooms - which is a fine reason to double check because the floor plan shows 3 bedrooms. Managing to get all of that into 640 square feet also suggests double checking the footage because one floor is about 35 feet by 15 feet, which would be 525 square feet for just that floor. Regardless of the data, a nice feature is a deck or patio on every level, a good way to expand the space.

New means a better chance at a more sustainable build, and this 3 story townhouse was built in 2016 and has a Built Green certification. They're asking $569,000 for the combination of 3 bedrooms and 1.75 baths. The lofted ceiling expands the volume making the 1,375 square feet feel larger. It you really want a larger experience, go up to the rooftop deck and enjoy the view of Mt. Rainier in one direction and the Olympics in another. That will feel expansive, hopefully without feeling too expensive.

For just a little bit more you get 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in a similar sized-house at 1,410 square feet - all on one level. It is a 1968 one story on a 5,750 square foot lot. Rather than build green and wonder about sustainability, you could buy something that has been sustained for decades. The asking price is $595,000; and includes hardwood floors, a large fireplace, a very pink bedroom, and a detached garage that's divided into parking a car and parking in front of the television (or a book.)

It may be close and similar to its neighbor, is smaller at 1,232 square feet; with about the same 3 bedroom and 2 bath mix; but something must be making a $30,000 difference because the price is $599,000. The rooftop deck is there. The views are there. What isn't there is possibly a shared wall. It looks to be a sliver of a house, with a separation that provides an acoustic buffer. Maybe that's the price of privacy.

From the outside, the house looks like a traditional American, wood-frame home, and it is. Inside, however, they've kept many of the vintage details of this 1925, 2,440 square foot house - and then remodeled around them to make it more modern, comfortable, and unique. The leaded glass is still there, as is a very hobbit-ish fireplace. The 3 bedrooms and 3 baths may be original, or partly an addition. The kitchen has been upgraded, and improved with new butcher block counter, and a significant ventilation system to make sure the high-end stove's exhaust is carried across the room and exits outside. The dormer bedroom was tastefully painted, and a media room has been included. Throw in the view of the Cascades and the 4,000 square foot lot proves to have a nice setting. There's a lot going on in this $600,000 bit of heritage.

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