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Sammamish's Hillcrest Lodge Packs Everything in For $4.45M

This $4.45M Sammamish mansion skips convention and concentrates on the owner's interests.

American mansions can care less about formality than their European counterparts. Sure, there are formal dining and living rooms, but lodge-style estates like this $4,450,000 (plus $167/month) one in an enclave in Sammamish are more about expressing the interests of the owner. Convention can confine itself to the continent.

The central circular feature of the 5 bedroom, 6.5 bath house is a four story tower that contains a spiral staircase walled in rock, wrapped in metal, and floored with fine wood. Keeping with the circular theme is a round bar that is full-sized though unconventionally shaped with a big sweep of polished wood surrounding a marble bar top.

There are formal spaces, like the living and dining rooms; but even there the design includes rustic fixtures, a rugged fireplace, and exposed beams. Also somewhat conventional, though grand, is a wine cellar ready for hundreds of bottles backlit and arrayed around a tasting table and tile floor worthy of standing and enjoying without leaving the room.

The food isn't forgotten. Aside from the upscale kitchen, there's another one outside that includes a barbeque and smoker where the smoke can drift away. Somewhere in there is a dedicated pizza oven.

Step past the BBQ and enjoy the pool with fireplace, two televisions, fire feature, fire pit, lounge area and an introduction to the gardens, fruit trees and the rest of the six acres.

Go back inside for the more dismal days and use a gym that looks like it should come with its own trainer, after which you can relax in the sauna. If you're feeling more sedentary, the theater with tiered seating is available.

Even with 8,506 square feet of such phenomenal spaces, a house comes down to the basics: the bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead of a conventional shower head in a little box, the master suite has a open grotto where the water can come at you from every angle. You, plural, probably have to get work done to pay for and maintain the place, which is why there are two offices - and one room that looks set aside for deep conversations about ruling the world.

If you're going to live in elegance, your house might as well be your kind of elegance, regardless of convention.

· 713 250th Lane NE, Sammamish [Estately]