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Shock of Shocks: Seattle Hearts Bernie Sanders

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Seattle has given more money per capita to the Bernie Sanders campaign than any other major city. You're shocked, we know.

Is it any surprise that the city with a socialist city council member is also No. 1 among the 50 biggest U.S. cities for per-capita donations to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?

Seattle's so goo goo ga ga for the Vermont senator that even the Seattle Times, often accused of leaning conservative, has endorsed Sanders (though that may have more to do with disliking Hilary than anything).

FYI Guy Gene Balk analyzed data from the Federal Election Commission and Census Bureau to figure out how much Seattleites are giving to the Presidential candidate and its not even close compared to the next city.

Itemized donations from Seattleites to Sanders totaled $596,578 through Jan. 31. That pencils out to a rate of $893 per 1,000 city residents, handily beating out No. 2 San Francisco and No. 3 Portland.

San Francisco has given more as a city but Seattle's donations per resident is higher.

There are pockets in the region that don't feel the Bern. Bellevue's donations come out to $358 per 1,000 person. The most Bernie-supportive place in the Bernie-supportive Seattle region, however, is Vashon Island (of course!). The super-liberal enclave has donated $2,258 per 1,000 people.
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