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1915 Montlake Classic Gets Built Green Makeover, Lists For $1.15M

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A year ago, this Montlake home looked pretty rough. Today it looks like a million bucks. Well, a little bit more than a million bucks.

A lot has changed for the 5-BR, 3.5 bath home at 1816 24th Avenue E since it was built in 1915. As recently as last June it was in rough shape. The exterior had been worn down by decades of dirt and debris, the lawn was overgrown, and it looked like it was destined to be torn down. Enter Greenwalk Development , who not only restored it but have given it a Built Green 4 Star new lease on life.

They kept a few details from the original home around, including the covered porch and the large windows. But for the most part they've completely transformed the property. The lawn is gone and they've dug out room for a lower-level garage. The eye-catching lattice pattern up top helps the house to stand out.

Inside, refinished hardwoods lead throughout and eventually take you to a stylish kitchen with custom cabinetry and new appliances. Downstairs there's a furnished basement/living room which gives way to the wine cellar. All of the bathrooms look slick thanks to subway tile and warm tiling. We especially appreciate the faucets coming directly out of the wall for the tub in the master bath.

Out back, you get a private square of earth to call your own. There's also room on the porch to entertain.

Before it was renovated, people must've looked at the house and thought, "There goes the neighborhood." Now they're saying the same thing, but meaning it completely differently.
· 1816 24th Ave E [Estately]