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Bertha Stops Drilling Under Seattle...On Purpose This Time

For once, Bertha has taken a break from drilling under Seattle on purpose

We're so used to something going wrong with Bertha the tunnel boring machine that whenever we see the words "Bertha" and "stop" used together, we get the shakes. For once, however, the machine's stoppage was actually on purpose.

Tunnel-boring machine Bertha has reached the maintenance stop known as "Safe Haven 3," just before its spring dive underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Bertha has traveled 300 feet in the last three weeks, which is a decent chunk of the 1,560 feet she's moved overall. Bertha is still only 17 percent along its 1.7 mile journey but any kind of progress is good progress for this project.

Bertha will now hang out in this "safe haven" while it receives repairs and new drill teeth. After a brief respite here, Bertha will continue on her journey in about a month and start drilling below the Alaskan Way Viaduct, considered to be the riskiest portion of the project. The viaduct will be closed during this time.
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