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This $87K Skykomish 'Love Shack' is Back on the Market

One person's shack is another person's love shack

Welcome Skykomish's Love Shack back to the market. Someone almost bought it, but it's available again at the price of $87,000. Surely, there's an outdoor lover that can use the place.

Tiny houses aren't new. This 1 bedroom, -- bath, 674 square foot two story dates to 1925. Being off the grid is even older, and this cabin has yet to hook up to every modern convenience. That can be a good thing if you're fed up with owner's manuals, blinking LEDS, beeping appliances, and houses that look like copies from a factory.

It takes a bit more effort to appreciate such a property.

It is a one bedroom, but they managed to fit a second bed onto the second floor; so, it's roomier that way. (Maybe the need for a second bed has something to do with the Love Shack sign and the need to sell the cabin.) The bath is listed as '--', which is possibly an indication that a short couple of steps are required to access the outdoor facilities. One reason for a lack of a flush is that there isn't any pesky plumbing; which is also why the kitchen is listed as 'dry'. Of course, a wet kitchen sounds like something sprung a leak, so dry sounds good. There is electricity! So, at least there are appliances like a range and fridge. There is also a big stack of wood outside. Feed that fireplace.

As unconventional as the cabin can appear, it's simply because it skips pretension and has stayed close to its origins as a miner's cabin. They were known for being a pragmatic set, and parts of that are back in style. The appeal now may have more to do with low living expenses, few worries about the grid, and great access to the Cascades. And, if you want a lifestyle closer to the 21st century, there's an approved septic plan for the 0.74 acre lot, so it can finally enter the world of flush plumbing.

It's up to you to figure out what kind of Love Shack makes sense for you. If you make an offer, though, see if they'll throw in the sign.

· 69918 NE 130TH St, Skykomish [Zillow]