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Seattle Plans $20M Pike/Pine Corridor Pedestrian Upgrade

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The city wants to make walking Pike and Pine streets from First Avenue to Melrose Avenue a worthwhile experience

Does Seattle want to Times Square-ify the Pike/Pine Corridor? The city is currently acepting bids from design teams on a $20 million renovation of Pike and Pine streets from Pike Place Market to Capitol Hill.

Construction is slated to run from January 2019 to October 2020. Improvements may include new sidewalks or sidewalk extensions, curb bulbs, crosswalk paving inlays, intersection treatments, drainage and green stormwater infrastructure, street trees, plantings, lighting and seating.

Streets could also get transit shelters with real-time information signs and Orca card readers, as well as bike racks, bike share stations, art and wayfinding elements.

The goal is to make walking Pike or Pine street between First Avenue and Melrose Avenue a pleasant experience for pedestrians and make it more inviting for people to move between Downtown and Capitol Hill. Along the way they also want to create "pit stops" where people can sit, eat, and drink.

Steve Pearce, project manager in the city's Office of the Waterfront, says that they plan to be "surgical" with their work since not every block deserves the same level of work. Stretches near or over I-5 pose a specific challenge based on noise and unappealing surroundings.

The deadline for interested firms is March 23.
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