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Here Are The Puget Sound Region's Fifteen Worst Traffic Corridors

See where the very worst traffic corridors are along I-5 and I-405 and know when they're at their worst

Earlier this week, we shared the note that Seattle commuters waste 66 hours of their life every year sitting in traffic. That number came courtesy of Inrix, which measures traffic figures across the globe.

Digging into their numbers for this most recent study, they also include a rundown of the very worst traffic corridors around the world. Depending on the city, there might be three or four or there might be fifteen (London and Los Angeles have waaaay more).

They noted fifteen specific corridors in the Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue area. Not only that but they also call out the specific day and time when you can expect traffic to be at its worst. We've compiled them below and the lesson appears to be knowing when you really need to avoid these highways most.

If that one up top doesn't look familiar, that's the stretch of I-5 from when you first get into Seattle from the north, approach Northgate Mall and merge with incoming traffic as you go over the bridge into Downtown. If you've ever driven that stretch during rush hour, you know that even a 30-minute average delay sounds conservative.

Road From To Worst Day/Time Worst Time Delay (Mins)
I-5 130th St/Exit 174 Union St/Exit 165 Thursday 16:00 30
I-405 195th St/Exit 24 WA-908/85th St/Exit 18 Wednesday 08:00 28
I-5 WA-18/Exit 142 I-705/WA-7/Exit 133 Friday 17:00 27
I-405 4th St/SE 13th St/Exit 13 Juanita Woodinville Way/Exit 22 Thursday 17:00 26
I-405 WA-181/Valley Hwy/Exit 1 44th St/Exit 7 Wednesday 08:00 24
I-405 8th St/Exit 13 SE Coal Creek Pkwy/Exit 10 Thursday 17:00 24
WA-167 15th St (Auburn) (North) 8th St Friday 16:00 20
I-5 Ravenna Blvd/Exit 170 236th St/Exit 177 Thursday 17:00 19
I-5 WA-512/Exit 127 41st Division Dr/Exit 120 Friday 17:00 18
WA-520 124th Ave 84th Ave Thursday 17:00 17
I-5 41st St/Broadway/Exit 192 Marine View Dr/Exit 195 Friday 16:00 12
I-5 Corson Ave/Exit 162 James St/Exit 164 Wednesday 09:00 10
I-5 Clark Rd/Exit 119 Berkeley St/Exit 122 Friday 16:00 10
I-90 Mercer Way/Exit 8 Mercer Way/Exit 6 Friday 17:00 9
I-5 56th St/Tacoma Mall Blvd/Exit 130 I-705/WA-7/Exit 133 Thursday 07:00 8

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