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Nantucket-Inspired 5-BR in Carnation Asks $1.99M

If your job makes you wear a lot of hats, maybe you need a house with a lot of offices.

Nantucket inspired a 6,454 square foot 5 bedroom, 5.75 bath estate in Blakely Woods. Instead of being on a vacation island, this house defines itself by being in Carnation, far from the ocean, and built for work and play, or at least relaxing.

New England formal shows in the metal fixtures, dark wood cabinetry, turned wood banisters, and polished marble floors. That's what you can expect for $1,995,000. The most regal of the rooms may be the master bath with columns surrounding a tub that is entered by ascending the stairs. No simple stepping over the rim will do. Decorous dens, sitting rooms, lounges provide smaller gathering spaces than the formal living room with its towering stone chimney.

The digression from relaxation, however, comes from the addition of three, count them, three, offices. Some people have jobs that require them to wear three hats. This house is ready for someone who needs to make bigger distinctions between their tasks; or it reflects that households can hold more than one career, now.

There is room for relaxation. The theater room allows for a big screen experience. Down in front, because the floor isn't tiered. A wine cellar fits into an otherwise unused nook. But the big space for stretching out and appreciating the Pacific Northwest is the 1,700 square feet of outside living space, some of which is appropriately covered because of the great Pacific North Wet. From there you can look out on the rest of the 4.11 acres that include guest quarters. With a house this large and well equipped, you know you'll get guests - or maybe just someone who needs an office. You might just have a spare.

· 1330 289th Ave NE, Carnation [Zillow]