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Architect Warren Pollock's 'Zig Zag House' Asks $1.49M

This house zigs and it zags, from inside and out

American Institute of Architects award-winning architect Warren Pollack designed the 3-BR, 2.5-bath home at 640 32nd Avenue E in Washington Park, which was built in 1984. He liked it so much that he's called it home since.

Known as the "Zig Zag House," it quickly becomes apparent why. The design begins outside where perpendicular and parallel lines drive the entire home up into the air. The effect is repeated internally thanks to the windows and climb up, letting more and more light in as they go. Room walls zig and zag as well and every room feels like a unique mish-mash of lines, windows and light. Even the bathroom windows climb up and down the wall to complete the theme.

The decor certainly stands out as well. There's something very 80's eclectic about the main living area. The bathrooms keep the color but make everything feel warmer. And the room with all of the ducks is....a room full of ducks.

You know what ducks sometimes do when they swim? They zig and they zag. Boom.
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