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This $799K Portage Bay Floating Home Has Potential

You could look at this floating home as a remodel or you could consider doing some serious flipping

Sometimes you think Seattle floating home and you think luxury or opulence or extravagance. But the reality is that many of the units come from a time when it wasn't about trying to trick out your place, it was just about literally putting a house on the water cause you wanted to. Unit 6 at 1213 E Shelby Street, built in 1930, is a bit like that.

For $799K, your paying more for the location and the idea of living on a floating home than anything. The place itself has seen better days and the less we talk about the flooring the better. But if you're eyeing it as an investment, this could be the kind of project you can turn around and flip for $1M.

Or you could remodel it and live there yourself as well. The 29 by 50-foot residence is spacious enough for one or two people and he views are quintessential Portage Bay. There's plenty of room to tie up your companion boat right next door as well.
· 1213 E Shelby St Unit 6 [Estately]