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Huge Enumclaw Estate With Basketball Barn Asks $1.18M

You can enjoy the views for miles or go inside and shoot some hoops.

Move forty miles closer to Mt. Rainier and get views that are impossible from Seattle. The fact that it's a mountain makes an impression from downtown, but when it is your neighbor the impression can be much bigger.

This property that has 13.05 flat acres and hardly anything blocking the view, except the inevitable clouds, of course. Part of them are turned into pasture, and there's the requisite barn and fencing, but you can simply keep the land clear for an uninterrupted view. Because the 4,500 square foot barn is remarkably clean and is equipped with a basketball hoop, there might be reason to think it hasn't been used for horses.

They're asking $1,179,500 for the property and the 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 4,500 rambler of a house. That's right, the barely used barn is the same size and the finely furnished house. The house is equipped with walls of windows lined up with the view, and enormous skylights to brighten the grayer days. The other prominent feature is the swimming pool set into the mountain side of the house. Everything is oriented to take full advantage of the view.

The white picket fence, stable, and equipment shed give you the opportunity to work that land; but, maybe you'll just enjoy being a little farther out from the noise of the city, closer to nature, with a front row seat to the volcano's next eruption. It will be quite a show, probably worth the extra money, as long as the mountain doesn't Pompeii the neighborhood.