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$975K Bellevue House Includes Firepole Just Because

Why take the stairs when you can slide on down

The five-bedroom, four-bath home at 14610 NE 13th Place in Bellevue looks nice enough. Built in 1974, it sits in a quiet cul-de-sac close and looks like the kind of place you could raise a family while easily commuting to your tech job nearby.

We dig the dining room/living room space with low cabinets that double as seating and big windows that keep the place nice and bright.

We also like the firepole. Cause, you know, there's a firepole in there for some reason.

Just off the main entrance, a well-protected firepole makes travel from the foyer to the furnished basement a breeze. So if you're upstairs and you hear everyone downstairs cheering about something amazing that the Seahawks did, you don't have to waste any time stepping on bulky stairs. You just grip and and slip!

There's also a four-car garage included, which we suppose could be retrofitted for your firetruck.
· 14610 NE 13th Place [CS]