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Pronto Moves Bike Share Close to Capitol Hill ULink Station

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Capitol Hill commuters who want to hop off the light rail and hop on a bike can do it pretty easily now

Fresh off the Seattle City Council decision to keep the bike share afloat, Pronto Cycle Share needs to prove to the people of Seattle just how valuable it can be as a serivce.

To that end they've made a change to make it that much easier for commuters to take advantage of the newly-opened Capitol Hill ULink Station. They announced the move on Friday just before the new light rail line opened to the public.

We are relocating our Frye Art Museum (Terry & Columbia) Station smack dab in the middle of the new Capitol Hill U-Link Station at Broadway & Denny in time for tomorrow's U-Link launch!

This move will make Pronto accessible to folks connecting to the light rail and streetcar stops surrounding the station. Added bonus? It's right on the protected bike lane!

That station wasn't among the most-used in the city, or even Capitol Hill, this time last year but something tells us that might be changing.

There's already a bike share station two minutes away from the UW Station by Husky Stadium, which isn't perfect but gets the job done. As Seattle Bike Blog points out, "having a station in the light rail plaza would provide an easier point of access that is hard to miss." We'll see if they make any changes.

Meanwhile, Seattle is basically in love with it's new light rail line and it all feels a little "wait, why didn't we already do this?"
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Husky Stadium

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Frye Art Museum

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