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The Five Cheapest Houses For Sale in Columbia City Right Now

Columbia City is up and coming but there's still a few houses in there that won't break the bank

We took a look around Columbia City to find some good deals in an affordable range. Here's what we found.

One advantage of fitting 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 2 laundries into 1,340 square feet is the possibility of renters, a possibility that is getting increasingly popular in Seattle. This 1988 house is set up as a duplex, so you've got options for paying the mortgage or having a space for parents or kids. They're asking $379,975 for it and the 3,920 square foot lot. And, of course one of the advantages is living in a walkable neighborhood in case the house doesn't have everything you need.

A 4 bedroom, 1 bath two story is celebrating its centennial by being sold As-Is for $385,000. As-Is can also be a great Before picture, assuming the structure and systems are salvageable. The interior wall of glass partitions and doors may be original, and is definitely the sort of defining feature to anchor the eventual remodel. The house is 2,510 square feet including a basement, so there's lots to work from. Another feature that survives is the possibility of a view. If so, the 5,000 square foot lot has an asset that is timeless - as long as no one builds to block it.

Did you realize that Columbia City has so many historic homes? Here's a 1910, 4 bedroom, 2 bath that has a kitchen and a kitchenette for $404,523. The rooms fit into 1,370 square feet and the house fits on a 3,001 square foot lot; so everything gets a chance to be tidy and cozy. There's even room for a two car carport, but mass transit is so convenient that you won't be using that, right?

Get more modern and buy into a three story townhouse. In this case, modern means 1981. They're asking $449,000 for 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1,560 square feet and a lot fewer concerns about the age of wiring, plumbing, and foundations. The architects kept it from being a bunch of boxy rooms by including bay, or at least angled, windows effectively provided a little more space and a lot more light.

Someone already took this 1908 Craftsman and brought it up to the 21st Century in 2002. New roof, new plumbing, probably new wiring, and a house that has maintained the essence of a classic 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,530 square foot home. The window treatments situated to bring in light and the view are reminders of the house's heritage. The 6,000 square foot lot also provides an impressive urban garden (possibly an homage to Victory Gardens?). A modern feature well appreciated by the others in the house and neighborhood is the soundproofed music room. That may be the grandest luxury included in the $450,000 price.
· 3224 Morse Ave S [Zillow]

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