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Find Modern Country in a New $1.45M Red Barn House

If the house looks like a barn, should you add a barn that looks like a house?

Barn conversions happen, but this house looks like it was built new to look like a classic, old, red barn.

Barns are spacious, or at least voluminous. Build a house that way and the insides can be more open than most cathedral ceilings, and the upper floor rooms get more square footage because the walls don't lean in too much. This new construction used those techniques, added a series of dormers, decorated the front door with barn doors as accents, and painted the place red. At a glance, you might swing your view to find the house, but the windows and back deck are evidence that this is the place for the people.

At its essence, this big red building is a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath house with 4,154 square feet. The outside may look rural, but the inside is country modern. The big, rock chimney is dressed stone. The lighting adds formality. The balcony rail and staircase uses tensioned steel cables. New appliances make any kitchen look new. Shower stalls and a soaking tub are from a style that could be in a downtown penthouse. The inside urban appeal is light walls, carpets, and cabinets - as if the mud will stay outside. Blending it all leads to an asking price of $1,450,000.

With a 9 acre lot to work with, there's enough room for six garaged cars, a guest suite, and a large shop. Even with all of those buildings and amenities, acres remain for lawn, forest, maybe even a bit of pasture and garden. If you want to mix urban with rural, barn with house, and classic and modern, take a look, take a tour.

· 24827 NE 80th St, Redmond [Estately]