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Leaf Apartments Looking to Branch into Beacon Hill

A new North Beacon Hill residential buiding is hoping for approval tonight

Tonight, Pacific Housing NW and James Davidson Architect will present their plans for Leaf Apartments in Beacon Hill to the design review board for possible recommendation.

Less than half a mile from the Beacon Hill light rail station, the four-story complex is expected to include 18 residential units, 1,200 square-feet of retail space, and nine parking stalls. The preferred setup calls for a courtyard in the middle of the complex, halved by bio-retention dividers and with four walking bridges hovering above to connect the residential spaces.

Cedar boarding and a green color palette hope to convey a sense of nature in the middle of the urban core and it looks like there's going to be an attempt to appeal to cyclists and residents interested in living more sustainable lifestyles (though we're sure as long as the money in your rent check is green, you're good).
· 3309 Beacon Ave S [DPD]