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#ManInTree is Now #ManNotInTree as Seattle's Short, Regional Nightmare Ends

A little over 24 hours after he went up, #ManInTree has come down

Around 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Seattle's short, regional nightmare came to an end.

#ManInTree, who has climbed to the top of a large sequoia tree in Downtown Seattle around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday and remained there overnight, finally descended from the tree to eat something.

Perhaps no one is happier than the Seattle Police Department:

#ManInTree was placed on a gurney and taken via ambulance to receive medical attention.

Left in his wake is a tree that's stood in that spot since 1973. Since #ManInTree ripped all of the branches off the top of the tree and caused damage elsewhere, it remains to be seen how that might affect the way the tree is decorated for the holidays as it often is.

And so, Seattle moves on, thankful in the knowledge that #ManInTree has a happy-ish ending, at least as far as the end result. Hopefully #ManInTree gets the help he needs and can find happiness as just another #ManOnGround.
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