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William Bain Sr. Broadmoor Residence Gets Modern Remodel

A mid-century Broadmoor residence gets a thoroughly-modern update

In 1956, noted Seattle architect William Bain, Sr. completed the kind of Broadmoor home that we've come to associate with the well-to-do neighborhood. The years since were unkind to the meandering, one-story structure sitting on a half-acre site. A remodel in the 70's apparently stripped the residence of it's integrity, resulting in a muddled mish-mosh of styles and spaces.

David Coleman Architecture was tasked with not only remodeling the home again recently but also with rediscovering what the best possible version of it might be.

Our goal was to clarify the plan, add on where needed to improve livability, merge interior and exterior space where possible, and elevate the feeling-tone of the building. To accomplish that we set in motion a series of interventions that had the effect of better defining access to the house, movement through the house, and the relationship between interior and exterior space. This resulted in a transformation of the whole, elevating the overall quality of the building and landscape, allowing the promise of the original structures and site to be fully realized.

The house still looks like it just keeps going and going but each of the rooms remains distinct and the lines throughout are clean and make sense. And thanks to the shape of the home and the way the windows always lead you that way, the grassy lawn outside those windows isn't just a lawn, it's a courtyard, and you're connected to it no matter where you are inside.
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