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This Color-Proud Bellevue House Asks for $1.99M

You either love the idea of being bathed in bright yellows, lime greens and warm blues or you don't. That'll pretty much determine if you want to live here

If you look at real estate listings as much as we do, you tend to get a lot of muted colors. Plenty of beige and grey exteriors. Lots of white interiors. SO many white interiors. So when you come across a house as colorful as the $1.9M 3-BR at 206 Northside Road in Bellevue, you can't help but notice.

Obviously it's light and bright outside with a warm yellow paint throughout, but the color doesn't really kick you in the face until you head inside. Thanks to huge windows and pastel/light colors peppered all around, it's a bit like a Skittles house, and we mean that in a good way.

The colors are all about accenting. The green makes sense in what could otherwise be just another white kitchen. The light fixture cover over the dinner table pops. Yellow lamps, blue pillows and green accents bring life to the living room.

Once you enter the master bath you realize these people really like them some yellow. We get it, though. It takes the usual mellow look and feel and gives it some oomph. In the secondary bathroom, the violets and purples stand out without darkening things. The lime green cabinets don't hurt in keeping things light either.

Without the color, it's already a quirky-looking house from the outside. The triangular front seems to have a piece missing to make room for the sunlight to pour in. Then when you throw all that color on top of everything, it really tells a fun story.
· 206 Northside Rd, Bellevue [Estately]