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An Uncommon Tiny House on Wheels in Tacoma

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What's more important, a bottle opener or a bathroom?

When you build a tiny house on wheels, choices must be made. What to put in and what to leave out. Minimalism works best when it is your version of minimalism. This $14,400 tiny house must match up for someone.

This is one of the true tinies, 102 square feet built onto a tandem axle trailer. Families have been raised in less, but that's another story. Instead of the conventional loft bed, the bed is basically on a wide shelf at window height above the cabinetry. No need for a ladder and worries about getting up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break.

Someone familiar with wood got to play with a variety: cedar on one outside wall, bamboo for the floor, hemlock for the walls, birch for the ceiling, and zebrawood for the folding dinner table. The other outside walls are corrugated metal, maybe as a contrast.

Another nod to unconventional living are the angled walls. Why be rectilinear? The addition of a mural over the bed completes the aesthetic of the woodwork.

Something that's apparently left out is plumbing. The water supply is whatever jug you hauled in. No worry about lead in the pipes. The sink drains through the floor and onto the ground. The local flora and fauna may thank you. Your neighbors may not. The toilet, shower, and bath are somewhere; but they aren't part of the house. You'll probably have to provide them, too. If the tiny is parked and plumbed to a nearby house, problem solved. If the tiny is parked so far out in the country that nobody cares, problem solved. In between, get creative.

Creativity is important. The seller lists a few other ways to add sleeping space, like maybe a hammock and the floor. The rest of the day the floor can be anything, including an office or a tiny dance studio. Things like lots of hooks, a boot rack, and a bottle opener are included - and not normally listed with most homes. A safe is built into the floor, another uncommon feature. There's even an attached garage but it is 2 feet by 7.5 inches, so maybe it is best left for toy cars. As a teaser, the seller mentions three secret compartments. You probably need a tour to get to see them. Heading to Tacoma, soon?
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