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Cozy & Colorful West Seattle Bungalow Asks $399K

Be brave enough to use color and a tiny house can feel rich

Living in a tiny house isn't for the meek, or at least these owners were courageous enough to include color, texture, and style in a 1927 West Seattle bungalow.

The house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 860 square feet, but the more important point is the way they decorated it. They're asking $399,000, which might be for the artistry as much as the residence and property. The living room and bedrooms have distinctive solid colors, but it is in the kitchen and the bath where they played more with textured colors. Cabinets and floors have more going on with a mix of tones - that may also cover up dirt. The tile work in the kitchen's back splash and the bathroom's walls give the eye something to play with. They've managed to make the house entertaining, regardless of the size.

Outside, the rest of the 5,052 square foot lot is divided into space for a drive, garage, patio, a patch of lawn, and a bit of landscaping. Why not spend more time as the weather gets nicer - eventually.

Bridging the inside and the outside is something that should be in every house of the Great Pacific Northwet, a mudroom.

The house may be tiny, but it does have the essentials, and style.

· 7148 32nd Ave SW [Zillow]