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Luxury Stanwood Farm Estate Gets You 28 Acres For $2.15M

Acreage can buy more than privacy.

Acreage for the sake of acreage can buy you privacy, but for this $2,149,000 property in Stanwood, 28.2 acres buys an unobstructed view of the Sound and the Olympics.

With that much land there's plenty of room for the house, all 6,670 square feet of it. That's enough space for 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, with lots left over for touches left out of most houses. The master shower looks large enough for large parties, or maybe washing large dogs. Instead of one Sub Zero, have three. Instead of a holding food in a slightly warm oven, put the food in a warming drawer. Don't just give the butler or the caterer a station or pantry; give them a butler's kitchen. Of course with that much room, Include a theater and gym.

Outside, don't just have a sidewalk to the door, have an entrance that starts yards from the threshold and keep guests protected from the weather by a gorgeous wood ceiling held up by stone pillars. With enough garage space to hold ten cars (2,856 square feet), even your guest's vehicles won't have to sit out in the weather; or, you'll finally have room for your collection.

Continue walking around the property and come across a barn, a 1,700 square foot guest house, and enough room for heliports, pastures, drone race tracks, whatever fits inside the remaining acreage. Or, leave the space as simple as an outdoor living area that includes a hot tub, a fireplace, and a marvelous view.

Look around a bit more though and wonder why it hasn't sold. About two years ago it was on the market for much higher, $2,690,000. That's a $541,000 savings, enough to buy another house back in Seattle.

· 31129 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood [Zillow]