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Seattle Among Safest Cities in America for Biking & Walking

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While the city has a long way to go on infrastructure, Seattle is among the safest and strongest for pedestrians and cyclists.

While Seattle's bike-share program hasn't lived up to the hype and is currently in the midst of fighting for it's proverbial life, the city is still among the safest in the United States when it comes to cycling.

That's according to the new Benchmarking Report from the Alliance for Biking and Walking.

According to the report, no city has seen increased in walking & biking to work more than Seattle in recent years. As the report shows, the more people bike and walk as their commute, the less fatalities seem to happen and it's clear that's what's going on in Seattle.

Seattle's big issue? It still hasn't caught up with where it needs to be on bike lanes and infrastructure. San Francisco, for example, has 63 more miles of bike lanes than Seattle and the city falls in the middle-of-the-pack when it comes to dedicated pathways and lanes.

As Seattle Bike Blog notes, the city is really good on talking about adding bike lanes and infrastructure but not so great on actually doing it.

If this were a list of miles of bike lanes included in planning documents, Seattle would leave everyone else in the dust. But actually building bike lanes is the only thing that counts.

Perhaps this is the kind of validation that Seattle needs to realize the value of more bike lanes and just how far the city still has to go. If we continue to add safe ways for pedestrians and cyclists to get around, we could easily top this report the next time it comes out in 2018.
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