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Roosevelt Hotel is My Father's Name. Please Call Me Hotel Theodore

Seattle's Roosevelt Hotel wants you to feel a little more casual when referring to it in the future

Provenance Hotels and NBP Capital purchased the Roosevelt Hotel last year, adding it to a portfolio that already includes Hotel Max and Tacoma's Hotel Murano. Now they've unveiled their plans for the 151-room destination and they want to strip down some of the formality.

When it reopens in the fall it will be known as Hotel Theodore. Slightly confusing matters, they're going to keep the Roosevelt Hotel sign on top of the 21-story building intact. One thing that will change is the interior design.

Designed by Seattle-based Susan Marinello Interiors, Hotel Theodore will offer travelers a refined, inspiring urban escape that is engaged and integrated with Seattle’s vibrant creative and entrepreneurial community. In keeping with Provenance Hotels’ commitment to art and locality, Hotel Theodore will showcase a collection of works that pay tribute to Seattle’s pioneering spirit and will highlight the city’s long tradition of makers and craftsmen with innovative collaborations and amenities.

Provenance also said the new & improved hotel will include a second floor gym and 2,415 sf. of meeting space. No word yet on the food & beverages options. The bar Von's relocated so they'll be starting fresh with any new options.
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