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Seattle Children's Research Institute Exploring Plans For 'Building Cure'

Seattle Children's Research Institute is working on several solutions to their research needs, one of which could be a 13-story tower at 1920 Terry Avenue

Plans for a new home for Seattle Children's Research Institute will go in front of the design review board next Tuesday and, if eventually approved, could give them the space they need. The proposal, delightfully known as Building Cure, calls for a 13-story building at 1920 Terry Avenue with approximately 380,000 gsf above grade and approximately 160,000 gsf below grade on four levels which will accommodate research facilities, building operations, and parking for about 300 vehicles. Also included in the plans are the potential for a museum, forum space, classrooms and more on the ground floor.

The proposal spells out that Building Cure is not locked in as their ultimate choice and they're exploring several solutions as they look for ways to expand their research. There's no timeline for construction and it's possible Building Cure never actually happens, but they want to move through the master use permit pre-application process to give Seattle a chance to see what might potentially be coming.

If it does happen, their faceted building design showcasing vision glass is meant to give shape and "dynamism" to their program. Views and solar access will be emphasized and landscaped public open spaces outside are intended to invite workers and pedestrians to gather.
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