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Cornerspotted: 2nd & Pike Has a Lot Less Open Space These Days

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Yesterday's Cornerspotter is 2nd & Pike, believe it or not.

Yesterday, we asked you to guess where in modern Seattle this 1884 photograph was taken.

We got quite a few correct guesses but Lance Johnson was the first one to call it: It's 2nd and Pike looking North.

If you wanted to take this picture today you'd probably be standing in the Eitel Building, though we're not sure you'd want to. Long gone is the Burns House pictured. Today, Urban Visions has grand visions for this block with a 39-story apartment complex on the southeast corner and an 11-story office building at 1516 Second Avenue. Maybe one day we'll look back at the 2016 view the same we we look at the 1884 view today.
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