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$5.9M Mercer Island Mansion Was Designed By Ross & Ralph Anderson

The father-son architectural duo created a Pacific Northwest luxury living experience.

Give innovative architects a lot of latitude and they can even turn marble into something more than slabs of stone. Rabbet joints are a nice touch with wood, but they used the technique for the marble, too.

Noted architect Ralph Anderson and son Ross Anderson built this 4 bedroom, 3.25 bath Northwest Contemporary on Mercer Island in 2001. They had a nice property to work with: 80 foot of Lake Washington waterfront and a 12,800 square foot lot. What they designed was a quintessential Northwest house.

There's a bit of a lodge feel at 4,540 square feet, but with clean lines. The ornamentation is left to the choice and mix of fine materials. Fir, marble, copper, and granite frame windows, define walkways, and protect roof and fence. When the view is of the water, make sure there are lots of windows; and make sure there are comfortable places to sit inside and watch the outside. The media room has become a natural element as well, so there's something to do after the Sun sets. Check to see if you have to walk far from the kitchen or the television to get to the wine cellar.

For a $5,880,000 it isn't a surprise that the office space is well-organized and large enough for more than one. That much money or that much work or both must be managed from somewhere. When you get the chance, you get to enjoy the rest of the property with its gardens and beach. Go a bit farther, and enjoy your dock that is equipped with, not just a boat life, but a yacht lift. If you're living by the water, you might as well do more than just look at it.

· 4014 E Mercer Wy, Mercer Island [Windermere]