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First Hill Apartments Project Brings Urban Green Space With It

A new mixed-use complex is in the works for the corner of University and Union.

Cyzner Properties and GroupArchitect will bring their plans for First Hill Apartments at 1320 University Avenue before the design review board on Wednesday for early design guidance.

Located on the triangular corner lot where University Street meets Union Street, the mixed-use complex will include 24 - 36 residential units across six levels, 2,700 - 4,000 sqaure feet of retail space and fourteen below-grade parking spaces.

The preferred design option of the three presented points the retail space towards the connected public park and creates a plaza effect. The park space, which will be built in conjunction with SDOT, is a new urban green space that may include unique artwork and structures. The triangular shape of the project is sure to stand out as well without looking out of place.
· 1320 University St [DPD]